Cruz deWilde



Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford, CA

08/11 – 06/12
  • Master of Science, Management
  • Stanford Sloan (MSx) Master’s Program

Academy of Art University

San Francisco, CA

01/06 – 08/11
  • Master of Fine Arts, Digital Animation & Visual Effects

  • Magna Cum Laude

Stanford University

Stanford, CA

09/92 – 12/96
  • Bachelor of Science, Symbolic Systems

  • Concentration in Human-Computer Interaction

Technology Skills

3-D Animation & Visual Effects:

Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite, Houdini, 3D Studio Max, RealFlow

Application Development:

Python, Perl, Mel, C++, Java, JavaScript, HScript, SQL

Systems Administration:

Unix (SunOS/Solaris, Linux, HPUX), Windows, MacOS

Network Management:

CA Unicenter, HP OpenView, MRTG, CiscoWorks/View, BMC Patrol, SNMP

Web Technologies:

HTML, XML, CGI, LDAP, TeamSite, Documentum, UltraSeek

Professional Experience


San Francisco, CA

2008 - present

Owner, Digital Animator

Engaged in promoting scientific communication, education, exploration, and discovery through the dynamic medium of digital animation. Projects include:

NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center    
  • Animation describing a “transformer pulsar” binary star system.
  • Animation explaining how the Fermi satellite observes the early universe through gamma ray detection.
  • Animation depicting a “black widow pulsar” binary star system.
  • Animation demonstrating the extending truss of the NuStar satellite in low-Earth orbit.
  • Animation describing high and low energy gamma-ray photons racing through quantum foam.
  • Animation describing a gamma-ray burst emitted from an exploding neutron star.
  • Animation describing double-peaked gamma-ray emissions from the outer gap of a spinning pulsar.
  • Series of six animations describing the inner workings of the GLAST (Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope) satellite for a nationally televised documentary.
California Academy of Sciences    
  • Built and textured a digital model of the NOAA-18 weather satellite for the new Morrison Planetarium's flagship production, “Fragile Planet”.
Planet Labs    
  • Marketing animation describing constellation of earth-imaging nano-satellites.
Blue Marble Space    
  • Promotional animation for a non-profit research institute focused on space exploration and awareness
In Ohm Entertainment    
  • Sell-sheet and poster art-work for upcoming film “The Principle”.
  • Series of animations describing Milankovitch precessional cycles and galactic orbital dynamics.
  • Promotional animation involving neural networks, micro circuitry, and character work.
Palo Alto Institute    
  • Promotional animation for the Palo Alto International Film festival.

ImageMovers Digital (Disney)

Novato, CA

02/09 - 12/11

Stereoscopic Technical Director
Developed and supported the Stereo Department’s pipeline, automating the throughput, processing, storage, and selective retrieval of tens of millions of image files and compositing elements in the making of two high-profile Hollywood films. Created a variety of Python tools, extensions, and plugins for Autodesk Maya to facilitate mutli-rig stereoscopic camera layout, compositing, and shot publishing. Created robust, dynamic visual interfaces to a Shotgun database within the Nuke compositing platform using Nuke’s Python API – these tools were used daily by over 100 artists and TD’s in five departments, and were widely recognized to have saved the studio well over $1 million through workflow-efficiency improvements.

CTB / McGraw-Hill Education

Monterey, CA

04/04 - 02/09

Content Management Architect (Technology Operations)
Architected, implemented, and supported three TeamSite content management systems, which serve hundreds of users in dozens of school districts as collaborative development environments for creating, deploying, and scoring modular standardized tests for K-12 education. Authored numerous Perl scripts and extensions to fully automate back-end administration for tasks ranging from user account and content center creation to intelligent system management and security alerts.

Pacific Gas & Electric

San Francisco, CA

09/02 - 10/03

Web Applications Developer (PoR Intranet Team, Consultant)
Designed and implemented intranet and internet search solutions using the Inktomi Enterprise Search Platform and TeamSite for PG&E Newco Energy Corporation. Developed a number of Perl applications for automating the migration of web content and streamlining work-flow, including a dynamically self-organizing hierarchical search taxonomy using Verity’s Content Classification Engine, and a universal JavaScript wrapper for internal web-based applications that ensures a consistent look and feel to the new intranet site without the need for an application server.

Emergent Minds, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

03/02 - 09/02

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer
Launched an Artificial Intelligence research startup called “Emergent Minds, Inc.” in San Francisco. Though the company closed within a year when my partner moved to Dallas to get married, the experience provided some valuable training in establishing a corporate identity, writing federal grant proposals, and communicating a business plan to potential investors. My partner has recently taken the project through its first round of funding under the name “Neuroblast”, and I continue to work with him developing animations for product marketing.


San Jose, CA

09/00 - 05/02

Senior Web Engineer (Web Technology Group)
Developed and supported Brocade’s TeamSite content-management system and heavily customized Inktomi search engines for Brocade’s internet, extranet, and intranet web sites. Served on the IT Architecture Council, and created over 20 self-sustaining information-management applications for streamlining work-flow as well as automating access and management of corporate systems and data.


San Francisco, CA

08/99 - 09/00

Senior Software Developer (Infrastructure Engineering)
Lead the design and implementation of an automated, end-to-end management infrastructure for monitoring a wide-area network of check-cashing ATM’s using CA Unicenter and custom-designed SNMP agents. Received the highest annual performance rating (97%) of all 52 software engineers in the technology development department.


Redmond, WA

02/99 - 08/99

Software Design Engineer IV (Information Technologies Group, Consultant)
Designed and implemented an SNMP-based HP OpenView network management system for monitoring Microsoft’s world-wide telecommunications network, including technologies such as voice-over-IP, PBX switching systems, Polycom video-conferencing, broadband, voicemail, and more.


Mountain View, CA

12/96 - 02/99

Systems Administrator III (Core Services)
Designed and implemented a web-based Network Operations Center to manage a WAN of over 35,000 heterogeneous nodes (Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, NT, MacOS, Cisco, Network Appliance, etc.) using HP Network Node Manager 6.0 as the base platform; capabilities include geographical and service-level views of the network, fault-management, performance-monitoring, system accounting, historical analysis, and security. Created several customized WEB applications from the ground-up using Perl, JavaScript, and VB as well as several C extensions to Network Node Manager using the OpenView API. Promoted twice within the first 18 months of hire.

Blyth Software

Foster City, CA

03/95 - 12/96

Product Support Engineer (Staff)
Joined this early-stage software company during my junior year in college, and was promoted twice within my first year of hire, ultimately working with Engineering to QA test new components of Blyth’s primary software product, OMNIS7: a cross-platform programming environment for developing, deploying, and maintaining front-end client/server applications with connectivity to industry-standard databases through middleware such as ODBC, SQL*Link, and Open Client. Authored sample applications distributed to thousands of customers as examples of coding techniques.

Course Certificates

System Admin II for Documentum 5 EMC (Pleasanton, CA) 2005
System Admin I for Documentum 5 EMC (Pleasanton, CA) 2005
Technical Fundamentals of Documentum 5 EMC (Pleasanton, CA) 2004
Using JSP Technology in Dynamo ATG (San Francisco, CA) 2001
Server-Side Programming with Java ATG (San Francisco, CA) 2001
Practical Applications of XML Brocade (San Jose CA) 2001
Java Programming II GE Access (San Francisco, CA) 2001
TeamSite User Training Interwoven (Sunnyvale, CA) 2001
TeamSite System Administration Training Interwoven (Sunnyvale, CA) 2001
Gasper Manager Administration Gasper Corporation (Dayton, OH) 2000
Java Programming Sun Microsystems (McLean, VA) 1998
HP-UX 10.x System Admin for HP 9000 Hewlett-Packard (Mt. View, CA) 1997
HP-UX Troubleshooting Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard (Mt. View, CA) 1997
Windows NT Administration Microsoft (San Jose, CA) 1997
OMNIS 7 v3 Programming Blyth Software (Foster City, CA) 1995 • 159 S California Ave J103 • Palo Alto, CA 94306 • 415.317.2042